An Introduction to Hadoop and Hadoop Ecosystem


Welcome to Hadoop and BigData series! This is the first article in the series where we present an introduction to Hadoop and the ecosystem. In the beginning In October 2003, a paper titled Google File System (Ghemawat et al.) was published. The paper describes design and implementation of a scalable distibuted file system. This paper along with another paper on MapReduce inspired Doug Cutting and...

Setting up Apache Hadoop Single Node Cluster

setup hadoop single node cluster

This guide will help you to install a single node Apache Hadoop cluster on your machine. System Requirements Ubuntu 16.04Java 8 Installed 1. Download Hadoop wget 2. Prepare for Installation tar xfz hadoop-2.7.0.tar.gz sudo mv hadoop-2.7.0 /usr/local/hadoop 3. Create Dedicated Group and User sudo addgroup hadoop sudo adduser --ingroup hadoop hduser sudo adduser hduser sudo 4. Switch to Newly...

Commonly Used HDFS Commands : Learn Data Science


Hadoop Distributed File System or HDFS is the underlying storage for all Hadoop applications. HDFS can be manipulated using APIs such as Java API or REST API but using HDFS shell is the most commonly used option. Below is a list of ten commonly used HDFS commands. 1. Invoking the file system: HDFS Shell supports various file systems and not just HDFS. This means you can invoke file systems...


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