Configure Anaconda on Emacs


Perhaps my quest for an ultimate IDE ends with Emacs. My goal was to use Emacs as full-flagged Python IDE. This post describes how to setup Anaconda on Emacs. My Setup: OS: Trisquel 8.0 Emacs: GNU Emacs 25.3.2 Quick Key Guide (See full guide) : C-x = Ctrl + x M-x = Alt + x RET = ENTER 1. Downloading and installing Anaconda 1.1 Download: Download Anaconda from here. You should download Python 3.x...

NLTK Example : Detecting Geographic Setting of Sherlock Holmes Stories


As a young adult nothing thrilled me more than Jeremy Brett’s performance as Sherlock Holmes. “You know my methods, apply them!” he would say. So let’s try to play Sherlock ourselves. We use Natural Language Tool Kit or NLTK to guess setting of a Sherlock story in terms of its geographic location. In this NLTK example, our approach is very naive: identify the most frequent...

Getting Started with fastText : Learn NLP


fastText is a text representation and classification library from Facebook Research developed by FAIR lab. Classification of text documents is an important natural language processing (NLP) task. It is originally written in C++ but can be accessed using Python interface. It is massively fast. See references for two defining papers.

Programming Computers to Read Stories


Can a computer read the stories, the way humans do? Of course computers can read from files much faster and accurately but second part of the question is more important. When we read a story we understand it we read the feelings of the protagonist, challenge here is to make computers do the same.


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