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Secure XMPP line (Always use OMEMO)

devji [at] xabber [dot] org

How to use XMPP on Android?

  1. Download F-Droid on your Device
  2. Download OpenKeychain from F-Droid
  3. Download Conversations from F-Droid
  4. Create an XMPP account (maybe here)
  5. Create a PGP keypair using OpenKeychain
  6. Add me on Conversations using devji [at] xabber [dot] org
  7. Always use PGP or OMEMO encryption for communication

Devji Chhanga

I teach computer science at university of Kutch since 2011, Kutch is the western most district of India. At iDevji, I share tech stories that excite me. You will love reading the blog if you too believe in the disruptive power of technology. Some stories are purely technical while others can involve empathetical approach to problem solving using technology.

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