Ubuntu Performance Tips

  1. Check I/O activity: Whether you’re referred to as a security paranoid or a someone whose disk LED never goes off, iotop command can help. It displays top processes reading or writing to disk.
    sudo iotop
  2. Check why boot is slow: systemd-analyze blame displays a list of processes to be “blamed” for slow boot. Also try bootchart
    sudo systemd-analyze blame
  3. See what’s crashing: Annoyed of seeing “System program problem detected” popus, check /var/crash/ directory. You can remove its contents if you don’t want to dig into the issues nor want to report them.
    ls /var/crash/
  4. Fasten shutdown: When shutting down the OS gives 90 seconds by default for the apps to quit, this seems to be too high! Uncomment and edit DefaultTimeoutStopSec to 30 seconds in /etc/systemd/system.conf file.
    sudo nano /etc/systemd/system.conf
  5. Check scheduled jobs: See contents of /etc/cron.* to check what is running daily, weekly, or monthly. Carefully remove unwanted crons!
    ls /etc/cron.* 

Happy tweaking! Don’t forget to share your tips below in comments section!

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