Your Next Insurance Claim Surveyor Can Be A Drone

More than 4.8 lac vehicles met accident in India last year [1] most of them resulting in insurance claims. Agricultural and other miscellaneous insurance products also see a large number of claims. Going through the claims settlement process is generally a clumsy experience for consumers. A particular problem is of reach and timeliness of claim inspectors or surveyors as they are known in India. Verifiable authenticity of claims is also a concern. Surveyors are few. Additionally surveyors travelling from place to place can be expensive for companies, adding to their operational costs. Weather and other conditions may also be restricting for human reach. Drones can reach the spot faster as they take aerial route. Thus, time between accident and survey can be reduced which prevents possible further collisions for on road vehicles.

A drone can be equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) or it can be operated by an operator from a distant or nearby location. Field stations can be built near accident prone areas on highways to further accelerate the process. Above all, a drone can reach places where it is difficult for a human to reach. Natural calamities causing large scale damage to properties also present a specific case for drones usage when large number of claims arise.

ICICI Lombard : A Case Study The company is already using drones for agricultural insurance claims. An article [2] from the company’s website projects drones to be insurance industry’s next game changers. Drones have helped the company to reduce operational costs, keep a tab on false claims among other.

Conclusion There is a great potential for drones in insurance industry across the verticals. Advancements in robotics and AI can bring exciting scenarios for insurance companies and consumers.


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